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              GHV Series

              • GHV-35 Series
              • SPECIFICATIONS

              Conventional Lathe GHV SERIES SPECS

              GHV 3580 35120 35160 35200 35240
              Swing over bed 900mm(35")
              Swing over carirage 750mm
              Distance between center 2000mm 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm 6000mm
              Spindle bore 155mm ( A2-11)/250mm(A2-15)/305mm380mm(A2-)20
              Spindle speed range 155mm 4-800rpm/250mm305mm380mm4-400rpm
              Spindle speed steps 4 steps
              Main motor 30HP with invertor
              Longitudinal feeds 0.04mm/rev … 1.0mm/rev
              Longitudinal rapid 0.02mm/rev….0.5mm/rev
              CARRIAGE & APRON
              Width of carriage 900mm
              Width of cross slide 350mm
              Cross slide travel 390mm
              Compound slide travel 220mm
              Tool post 180mm
              Feed motor 3HP with invertor
              Diameter of quill 165mm
              Travel of quill 250mm
              Center M.T. #6
              Bed width 900mm(35.4")
              Net weight 5500kgs 6500kgs 7500kgs 8500kgs 9500kgs
              Packing size W: 2200mm H: 2200mm L:4700mm L:5700mm L:6700mm L:7700mm L:8700mm

              *is option

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